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Blood Donors for Dogs

Just like people, animals sometimes require blood transfusions in order to save their life. In veterinary practice there is a limited supply of stored blood for dogs. Therefore, we sometimes need to find donors at extremely short notice and this can prove to be a major obstacle.

With your help our aim is to develop a register of potential donors who may be suitable and available to donate blood at short notice.

Could your dog help and be a blood donor?

We are always looking for donor dogs to be on our list at the clinic, to call on in a time of emergency – the more dogs we have on that list, the more likely we can find a match if it was your dog that needed the transfusion:

Is your dog:

  • Healthy and friendly
  • Aged between 1-8 years
  • Over 20kg
  • Up to date with vaccinations
  • Has not travelled abroad?

In the event of a dog needing blood we may contact you to see if you and your dog is available. If so, we will ask you to come to the clinic and your pet will be hospitalised, usually for a few hours, in order to give blood.

Dog’s usually tolerate donating blood without sedation. Local anaesthetic is applied to the area to minimise discomfort and blood is collected via the jugular vein using a blood collection unit. This usually takes 10-15 minutes.

After the donation your dog will be monitored for a short time and offered food and water. They will be discharged on the same day.

If you have a dog that could save lives please contact us to register your dog to our blood donors list.
Call us on 0208 653 3355 or 0208 670 1772.