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Klarissa Jones

Clifton Road Receptionist

Klarissa Jones
Klarissa Jones Clifton Road Receptionist

My name is Klarissa Jones and I am the newest Receptionist at Paxton Vets Clifton road. I have worked there for a few months and love what I do. Before I started at Paxton Vets I did volunteering for scan Angels travelling to check lost and found pets microchips to reunite them with their owners.

I still currently do this in my spare time, along with collecting stray pets and some that have sadly passed over the rainbow Bridge. 

I absolutely adore animals, always have, always will. Ever since i was a child i wanted to care for them in any way I could and seeing their little faces every day makes my job the best! 

I have 5 beautiful cats of my own Skylah, Bailey, Brandy, Shadow and the youngest also naughtiest Mylo. 

I have been trying for years to get into the Vet industry but unfortunately was never given the chance.

Thanks to the lovely management at Paxton Vets, I am now on my way to fulfilling my dreams. I hope to one day train to become a Veterinary Nurse and help with getting your pets healthy and back on their feet.