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We're dedicated to helping, even when our practice doors close for the day

Foal Farm

Friends of Animals League (Foal Farm) is an animal welfare and rescue charity based in Biggin Hill, Kent. Operating for over 60 years, the charity’s mission is to take in as many animals as it can properly care for, to restore them to health and happiness, and where possible find them new homes, or provide a sanctuary for life. Every year, Foal Farm rehomes approximately 500 cats, dogs and small animals, whilst providing a safe and happy sanctuary for life to those that can’t be rehomed together with over 100 farm animals and equines. No animal in the charity’s care is ever put to sleep if it has a chance of survival.

Foal Farm have helped us greatly over the years by taking in some of the many strays we have had come to us. In tern we have donated money and items to help them raise funds to do the amazing work they do for all the animals.

Many of our patients have been rehomed from Foal Farm.

For more information about the charity, the animals looked after, interest in rehoming or ways to support, please visit the charity’s website

The New Moon Rescue

New Moon work hard to help the most vulnerable of felines, they specialise in rescuing stray, feral and colony cats. They have helped us with some of the more difficult cats we have come in that have long term medical issues and/or disabilities that would otherwise struggle to find homes.

We try to give them a donation yearly to help support them and all the things they do for our feline friends.

They have helped us with strays cats/kittens that we are not in a position to immediately rehome and we very grateful for their support with this.

If you would like to help them with all the amazing things they do for vulnerable cats please visit their website

Croydon Animal Samaritans

Croydon Animal Samaritans have been helping and rescuing animals since 1974. They have many volunteers all working hard to rescue, foster and re-home all animals taken into their care.

Croydon Animal Samaritans supply us with the finest of handmade cat-nip mice in the whole UK (In our humble opinion). Their volunteers hand make each mouse, meaning there are lots of different and unique styles which we love. We sell these for a donation of £1+ and Croydon Animal Samaritans get 100% of the profit as well as the money from any second-hand cat carriers we sell.

Please visit their website for more information or if you would like to make a donation

The Skiathos Cat Welfare Association

This charity goes above and beyond for the cats all year round no matter the weather, even when the volunteers have gone back home. They rely on donations and volunteers to able to provide food, shelter and medical care as they look after cats all over the island. The island has only one veterinary practice so sometimes if needed, cats are taken to a practice in Skopelos which is a small boat ride away. Every year they hold a neutering project in October where veterinarians and nurses from the UK fly over, as many cats as possible are trapped and then neutered.

One of our Animal Care Assistants goes out there yearly to take donations and to help with the many cats that need care out there.

For more information visit their website