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Helen Spencer

Veterinary Surgeon

Helen Spencer
Helen Spencer MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon

I grew up on a busy farm in Kent surrounded by animals, and becoming a vet was the only career I ever seriously considered. I feel very lucky to have been able to follow the path I dreamed of since a child, and to have the opportunity to run my own clinic.

I graduated from Bristol University in 1999, have worked here since 2003; and I am both Head Vet and Clinical Manager. Apart from my job as a vet, my other passion in life is travelling and I have worked as a vet in Morocco, Mali, Ethiopia, Jordan and India, and continue to mix work with my travels.

I have walked the length of New Zealand, been to Mt Everest Base Camp, trekked across part of Afghanistan, Yemen and recently become part of the first team to have ever succeeded in crossing Madagascar on foot.
I live with a large ginger rescue cat called Hobbs.